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Transforming the way people explore craft breweries!

Explore Breweries, Earn Badges and Enjoy your Rewards!

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Who is it made for?

Brewery Explorer™ is dedicated to the craft brewing industry’s biggest fans. You love exploring new breweries, earning incentives and enjoying great beer. If you’re 21+ and have a love for craft breweries, this app is made for YOU!

What is it made for?

You will easily locate, learn about, and check-in with great craft breweries when you use Brewery Explorer™. Use Brewery Explorer™ to plan visits, climb the leaderboard and keep track of exploration.

Why you would want it

You love craft beer and the breweries that make it, that’s why! Brewery Explorer™ connects you to breweries in your community, your state and across the country. Use Brewery Explorer™ to keep track of your exploration and connect directly with your favorite breweries.

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Find Breweries

Locate breweries on a map, in an alphabetical list, or according to distance.

Check In

Explorer new breweries and check in to earn points and badges.


Find friends IRL or in the app that appreciate your love for craft beer.


Compete with your friends for the most badges and points earned by checking in at breweries.

What People Are Saying About Brewery Explorer™

Brewery Explorer™ users, intrinsically motivated by wanderlust and love of craft beer, are among the best brewery customers in the world.

Bill H., Co-President at B Explorers LLC

Brewery Explorer™ is such a unique app that everyone needs to download. There’s nothing quite like out there it as it is a great fit for the daily beer drinker or the lover of local breweries. I use it all the time and cannot think of visiting a brewery again without open up my Brewery Explorer™ app.

Jeremy S., Brewery Explorer™ User

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